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Carefully Colorful Playroom

Oh my goodness guys. Life has been a whirlwind adventure since the last time I’ve sat down and blogged. I can’t wait to fill you in on everything next week! For now, however, I want to show you the playroom design I finally completed. I hope you love it as much as I do!

First I want to start off by saying how much fun I had designing and shopping for this playroom!! I happen to be the aunt (via close friendship with their parents) of the kiddos! G and A are some amazing children, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with their reaction to the space! I know they will make memories and learn so much as they grow in this room. 🙂





Coversation Area
This is the view as you step down into the playroom from the newly refreshed kitchen (See Previous Post). The sheer curtains and crisp light gray paint add a dreamy feel.
Pops of yellow bring a colorful touch to a carefully crafted neutral toned room.
When I first started designing the room my client told me time and time again how much she didn’t like the blue carpet that came with this room. Although we used a very strict budget and didn’t have money to replace it I think we were able to design with it NOT around it! The carpet now seems to fit the space and look pretty nice if I do say so myself 🙂
This bookshelf was home to more books than the local public library I am sure! After adding more book storage we were able to keep the books in reach of the little ones, and add storage at the top for the smaller toys and craft supplies.
Tapestry DIY
I am actually kind impressed with how this tapestry turned out, y’all! I found this fabric while online shopping at Ikea, and instantly fell in love. It reminded me of art work that my client inherited from her late great grandmother. It had a similar feel, while still being appropriate for a kids space. If you would like to know how I put this cheap and easy hanging tapestry together let me know by commenting, and I’ll make a post!
Nature Magic
Mr. Charming is amazing. Have I told you guys that lately?? These shelves were not even an idea or thought along this entire design process. I was dead set on matching bookshelves for the glorious abundance of reading material this family has. HOWEVER I could not for the life of me find the matching one. Then I did….but…..they did’t stock them in store. Okay no biggie. I can handle that. Ship to store overnight. Boom done…but not really though. The soonest I could get it was almost a week after the planned reveal, and they wanted almost a third of the budget just to send them late! I didn’t find any of this out until 4 hours before we were scheduled to be leaving to travel there to do the room in 2 days and reveal to the family. I quickly sent Mr.Charming a rough outline of an idea, and less than 3 hours later right as I was getting home from work home boy had these waiting for me! I am so grateful for an amazing husband, and that he only works until lunch on Fridays.
Hop Scotch Rug
Another thank you goes out to Mr. Charming for this one! I was so laser focused while navigating and shopping through Ikea I totally missed this gem! He stopped and grabbed my hand, to slow down the crazy woman that he decided to make his wife, and made me look. I was just about to give him an evil eye for throwing off my groove, but then I saw this adorable rug. I love that is can anchor the seating area, and still be a toy!! Its such a cool piece, and I wanted to buy hundreds to give every kid I know. I love it!
Book Nook
Ahhh the book nook. With fresh paint on the walls, ALL the trim, and the door to the laundry room I wanted to keep it light, bright, and clean. I decided to spray paint the dated gold knob to give it a modern update. The mint was a last “mint”ute (hahahaha get it?) decision I threw on Mr. Charming (It seems like he loves those).  He scoured the local paint store and send me paint chip after paint chip until I found THE ONE! I love this door so much, but I don’t think anyone could ever love it as much as my clients! My client bought this huge bear in honor of her late grandpa and it is perfect for cuddling while reading story after story! The shelves spontaneously built by Mr. Charming look better than I could have ever imagined. With a super heavy white wash it give the ideal amount of rustic and organic feel to this gorgeous room. I love this corner so much!!
When all is said and done this playroom was completed for under $450 including the loads of paint we had to by to cover the dingy cream/yellow and fruit in a bowl border!! The playroom is now an extra space for guests to sleep, and a dreamy place for the whole family to play and imagine. We were able to add in sentimental pieces while still keeping the overall look young, and fresh. I wanted to bring in lots of color, BUT wanted it to be done in a careful yet easy way. I would say we hit the nail on the head with this one!! I am proud of the Honestly Charming Team! I’m thankful for all their help through out every project I toss their way.

I hope you are now inspired to go out and make your space everything you want it to be. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure contact me!! I’d be happy to add some Honest Charm to your home as well!

What are your favorite hidden gems you found in the after pictures?? I have a few of my own that I’ll share later 😉


4 thoughts on “Carefully Colorful Playroom

  1. Jenna, this is beautiful. Would love to know about how to make the hanging tapestry as I think of some above the bed focal points for my new room next school year–my antique bed frame is being repaired so I need some design inspo to spruce up the box and mattress set I have now.


  2. Jenna,
    You did such an amazing job!! I think the room looks beautiful, fresh and still playful. I love your style! ❤️


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