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Budget Friendly Kitchen Reveal!

One of my dearest friends recently bought a new home with her husband, two precious little ones, 3 fun doggies, and a queen kitty. This entire family means the world to me, and when they asked me to refresh their style and home with a strict budget I was more than willing to take on the challenge! I pride myself on being able to take what a client already owns, adding a few little pops, and transforming their space for the better. It was insanely fun to discover all the things that hold a special place in their hearts. I also loved taking some of those pieces, and redoing them. That is a way I cut costs, and still made the room everything they desired.

I want to call these refreshes because they aren’t huge makeovers, but I am taking what the person already owns and changing it to fit their dreams as well as function realistically for their family!






This client has a love of cows, family heirlooms, and hutches.


Most of the heirlooms in this kitchen are from my client’s late Great Grandma Joy. This table was hers, and I decided to sand the who thing and imagine exactly what it COULD be. This will be a separate blog post soon! Another blog post will be this bench my husband made to perfectly fit their existing table, and my client’s 2 year old son LOVES it! These chairs belonged to my husband’s late grandmother, and I enjoyed every moment of giving them a new life and pop of fun with the blue paint.


A big part of what I did was finding ways to design a space that is more functional, as well as displayed things that made them truly happy.


Pops of farmhouse and cows make this room exactly what my friend and client dreamed of. The gorgeous paintings on the wall behind the dining table are a small portion of her Great Grandma Joy’s collection and I love how they look in the space!


After finding the PERFECT size hutch I had to redesign the entire functionality of it. In the coming weeks you will learn every aspect of that process. 🙂


Adding a small box for dish soap, hand soap, and a wash cloth keeps everything organized and contained. I love this trick in any home.


This space is for sure one of the most functional! I found a dry erase calendar that is easy to take down and put up every month to keep their busy schedules running smoothly. I also found a paper organizer that was the absolute perfect size to cover the fuse box! That is also easily removed if it needs to be. The 3-D sunflower belonged to Great Grandma Joy as well, and is a piece of art my friend has loved and admired for years and years.


This prayer is also a special piece to this family. It was gifted to them from my clients younger sister, and it perfectly captures this beautiful family. I wanted to put it by the keys, mail, and calendar so everyday they are reminded of God’s love and blessings for them.

I loved how this refresh came out, and my clients do too! I am excited to see how the rest of the rooms in their new home. I can’t wait to take you guys on this journey with me!! If you have any specific questions or comments please feel free to let me know. Loves and hugs:)




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