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Life Update!

Hey Love Bugs!!

As this crazy busy week is in full swing I haven’t been able to find time to cook for the blog. Since, I don’t have a recipe this week I decided I would give y’all an update on life and where 2017 is going to take me 🙂

First of all I have projects from here to kingdom come! Projects, what exactly do I mean by that?

WELL, I have the incredible honor to be redecorating an entire house room by room for a family that is very important to me. Everything is going to be budget friendly…like $300 and under per room! I know budget conscious decorating tips and tricks are always exciting, and I know you won’t be disappointed with mine! This Sunday my husband and I will be revealing the final Kitchen Redo for our friends. Next Month I will be doing the Playroom, and so on for the rest of the year. I am beyond excited to have a new room every month for you guys to enjoy, and them to fall in love with. On top of the room before and after posts, I will also have details of different mini projects within the rooms.

There are several other rooms from different clients that are in the works. Also, I have plenty of ideas for my own home! Whether you are a renter, home owner, frugal, want nicer things, or whatever your style may be you will want to stay tuned for the exciting year we have in store.

I will be redesigning furniture, refurbishing, and making some of our own designs. Which brings me to some exciting news! My amazing, incredible, talented, patient husband has taken on a new hobby…WOODWORKING! He has built a few pieces for me already, and is gearing up for any project my crazy creative mind can dream up. He already helps me tremendously in furniture refurbishing. I keep him on his toes to say the least, but he always does a fantastic job. Not to mention how much he loves it! Every time I see his face when he completes a piece for me it makes me all warm and happy.

Some other things that make me super happy are babies and weddings!!! One of my closest friends is having a baby in the next few months, and I am beyond excited to be throwing her a shower. And, yes, you guessed it! It will be on the blog, along with how I am keeping it cost effective without sacrificing style, fun, or yummy treats! Another one of my dear friends is getting married in March and I have the amazing privilege of doing her hair. Plus I am excited to attend all the weddings of my other beautiful friends and dance the night away with them!

Of course it wouldn’t be Honestly Charming Blog without food involved. Do not worry your pretty little head there are tons of delicious recipes I am fine tuning and making perfect for you! I have new ideas I can’t wait to try out, and old favorites I am revamping.

Onto some more exciting news. My husband and I are going to be welcoming a new addition into our family in the coming months. A puppy!! Our beautiful dachshund, Augustus Oliver Cook, is still in need of momma so it will be a month or more before we can take him home. He is too precious for words, and I can’t wait to show him off on Instagram and Facebook! He has already been filling my Snapchats ❤
This year is going to be full of adventure, work, family, friends, love, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am so happy for how far I have come, and where life has taken me. I am forever grateful for all the people I am surrounded by, and I can’t thank them enough for the influence they have had on my life. 2017 is going to be great, and I’m beyond excited for you to experience it with me!


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