Fall Favorites-Beauty Edition


These are a few of my FAVORITE thingsssssssss (Name that song/movie/goddess singing). I just realized that there is 9 products instead of 10, and that is honestly annoying me more than it should. So…we are just going to try our hardest to ignore that fact.

Let’s jump right into the in-depth decision of each product!



L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow is truly my favorite underrated foundation. Everyone has gone crazy over the Pro-Matte formula, but don’t write this illuminating version off! In the cooler weather I notice my skin looking duller and more dry. The Pro-Glow brings life back to my face, and does exactly what it says! I seriously glow in the best ways when wearing this. The coverage is a heavy medium to full coverage depending on what you use to apply it. I prefer using a flat top angled kabuki brush with this foundation, but a beauty blender is just as wonderful. The shade I have is 201 Classic Ivory, but at the moment it is a tad too light. I use bronzer to warm my skin back to my correct shade. As the weather gets colder and my “tan” fades it will be the perfect shade. One of my favorite things about this foundation is the longevity! If have super oily skin, or problematic skin I don’t think I would recommend this, but if not give it a try!!


Wet-N-Wild is probably one of the most affordable drugstore brands on the market right now. It is also one of my absolute favorites. Their eyeshadows are some of the best, and their lipsticks…*swoon*…so good. This particular shade is my perfect fall spicey nude! It is the Velvet Matte Lip Color in the shade Fashion Darling from their collaboration with the one and only Fergie. The name alone was enough for me to buy it, but the color is what keeps me grabbing it over and over again. I will say this is not the longest staying matte lipcolor I own, nor is it a true matte. I would describe it as a creamy matte. It is super comfortable on the lips, and doesn’t drag like a lot of super matte lip products tend to. This color is beyond perfect for the fall, and is a must have for sure!


Now on to one of my favorite brands of all time. Urban Decay holds a special place in my heart. I love the creativity of this brand, and oh my lanta that packaging is da bomb! My favorite fall shade is Shame. It is a Revolution lipstick, and I honestly don’t know if it is even available anymore since they launched their Vice collection. I couldn’t make a fall beauty favorites list without this one it, so I apologize if you cannot purchase it yourself. If anyone knows of a dupe let me know! This lipstick is creamy, shiny, opaque, and screams fall. It is a deep berry tone that has undertones of red and brown. I love this lipstick so much I wore it the day I married my now husband, AND our wedding with family and friends. I love that it isn’t matte because it makes it that much more unique and special. It is honestly so beautiful, and perfect if you want a unique fall shade.


Jordana Easyliner for Lips has no competition when it comes to my number one favorite lip liner. The shade Cabernet AMAZING. I wear it on its own, to create a fall ombre lip, under similar shades, etc… It is the longest lasting lip liner I have ever tried, and glides on so effortlessly. This shade is perfect for all my dark fall lips. I highly recommend any of Jordana’s Easyliner for Lips, but I especially urge you to purchase this one for the perfect autumn color. I love using this as an all over lip color when I want to do minimal eye makeup. It is easy, and it still looks impressive! Are you on your way to Walgreen’s to get it yet? No?? Well you should be!


Top to Bottom: WetNWild-Velvet Matte Lip Color in Fashion Darling, Jordana- EasyLiner for Lips in Carbernet, and Urban Decay-Revolution Lipstick in Shame


Okay, so admittedly this is not the most exciting thing on my list but it is still a favorite! Revolution has some great products at even better prices. The Essential Mattes palette in Redemption is only $7!! Can you believe that?!? This is my go to for literally any and every look. It is the perfect traveling companion, and that is why it is specifically in my fall favorites. Most people do their traveling in the summer, but my husband and I have been nonstop traveling this autumn. I have relied heavily on this palette, and it never disappoints. As you can tell the lightest shade (all the way to the right) is used almost everyday. It is the perfect shade to set my eyeshadow base! The best part of this palette is that there are so many other options depending on your undertone, or how dark your skin may be. This palette can’t be matched for value vs price. It is incredible!


Can we just take a moment to just drink in this magnificent shadow?


I’ll give you a moment…….

Okay…How could I not include this shade?? It is beyond gorgeous, and screams USE ME IN THE FALL. This pretty penny of a shadow is pigmented beyond belief, and is perfect for warm fall looks. I love it all over my lid, a pop of copper in the outer third of my lid, or my favorite is to wet a thin angled brush a bit and use it as a liner with a light neutral shadow look. SO gorgeous.


The Balm is pretty darn corny , but I can forgive it for a good green shadow. I especially love this quad (La Balmba Vol.1) for the dark green shade, Rumba. Don’t get me wrong I like all of them, but in my perfect fall palette Rumba would HAVE to be included. The shadows are good, but not to die for. They are a bit dry to be completely honest, but that shade of green is as close to perfect as I can find. I love the gold undertones it has when on my lid. If you have any recommendations on deep forest greens please leave them in the comments below!


Top to Bottom: Cargo-Nepal, The Balm “La Balmba Vol. 1” Rumba, Mambo, Flamenco, Salsa on the left side.


These last two were birthday presents from my family, but I couldn’t leave them out because after only a week I am already in love with both of them!


Lorac Pro Palettes…just yes. Every single one of them I love. I love the quality of shadow. I know many people have said they have problems with kick back, but I truly haven’t had an issue with that. For my birthday I asked for the Lorac Pro Mega 3 Palette. It is the perfect mix of warm and cool colors for me. It has a few statement shades, and preforms like an absolute dream. I can’t pick a stand out shade, but I did swatch a few of my favorites..just based on shade preferences. They are all outstanding.


Left Vertical Side: Glacier and Dk (Dark) Navy

Top to Bottom: Cider, Pomegranate, Maple, Snow, and Dusty Mauve


Where do I even start with this mascara?! Lancome’s new mascara, Grandios Extreme, became my favorite mascara from first swipe. It literally makes my lashes look like false lashes. I normally stick to drugstore mascaras because I have found that they are just as good if not better than most high end ones. This mascara changed that for me! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING on the market has come close to this mascara. My momma bee’s lashes are short, sparse, and stick straight out. After a good curl and 2 coats of this mascara they were full, longer than I have ever seen them in my life, and the mascara held the curl all day! The price is not for the faint of heart, especially since I am use to drugstore mascara price. I do think this mascara is worth the $32 price tag, and I know it will be a staple in my personal collect, as well as my kit!


I hope this list helped to inspire you this fall!! Don’t be afraid to try something new and get creative! Let me know some of your favorite beauty products for autumn!! I am planning on doing a plus size fashion and food version as well!!! If this is something you enjoy like, comment, and share! Maybe we can do this for each season!

*All swatches are done without primer or a base. They are a one swipe swatch, so I did not build up the colors!*



2 thoughts on “Fall Favorites-Beauty Edition

  1. I love Jordana for eye liner! I’ve never known anyone else who’s heard of them!!! 🙂 I’m definitely going to have to try out that foundation for winter!


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