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Short. Sweet. To the point.

Explanation of blog schedule:

My goal is to have a blog up every Tuesday and Thursday. Thursdays will always be recipes and cooking. My free day is Tuesday. When I say free day I mean this day will cover SO many other topics. Some weeks it will be designs I have done for clients, DIY, furniture redos, plus size outfit looks, easy hair ideas, home decor ideas, so on and so forth. There will also be weeks where I use Tuesday to pour out my soul or do a devotional that might be laid on my heart. I want to continuously upload recipes weekly, but I also want the freedom to express myself in different ways I enjoy!

I want this to be a place of creativity and excitement. Hopefully you will follow me on this journey as a blogger. I want to get better and better for you guys. My desire is to create content that you’ll love as much as I do!! I am so happy to have a forum to express myself and interact with my love bugs. Get ready for some exciting posts coming up. This will be an adventure you’ll be glad you took with me.

Also, never forget to Bask in the Beautiful!

Love always, Jenna



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